What does the cow say?



Zaccai’s favorite animal sound is Moo! It’s really quite cute. I’ve taught him more animal sounds but he eventually defaults to mooing around the house all day long.

I’ve taken a week off of work & still have a week before I teach again and it’s really been nice to see him all day, but it will be nice to get back in the routine of things. Wake up, play, get ready for work, come home to play and bath and sleep! Day in and day out. Does this seem monotonous? Maybe. I really do love what I do. I have a FT job, teach at a community college at night and lead a weight loss meeting on Saturday morning. My friends wonder how I do it all? I don’t know – and I know many people judge me for working so much and not spending more time with my family. Well, only I can make that decision and it works for my family.
My husband owns a small business but stays home with our little guy. I recently read a blog by a dad who was staying at home for a month to spend time with his kids- that’s amazing! More credit to dudes that are willing to break the status quo and create gender equality. Don’t get me wrong, there are days of struggle- staying at home isn’t easy and working outside of the home isn’t easy- and we both get tired and irritated. But all-in-all we make it work. What kills me is the questions. Why? Why? Why? People feel entitled to ask questions and butt into your life once you have a kid- less questions people and more complimenting and congratulating on a job well done- you’re all alive and look like you’ve eaten and showered for the week, cheers. Instead it’s- why doesn’t your husband work more and you less? How long are you planning on breast feeding? He looks skinny, you should stop breast feeding soon. Doesn’t he have enough teeth to just eat foods? You’re spoiling him. You shouldn’t let him do this/that… It’s endless. I’ve learned to ignore some of it but sometimes- from the people you love- it can hurt.
All we want to do is raise a sweet, loving, cheerful boy. This is how were doing it- one day at a time.

Here’s my picture for today-

What does the cow say?


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