Working mom + third shift


I’m a working mom. I think I’ve said that before. With that said, kuddos to all the working moms out there!! Sometimes we need a pat on the back. I know, stay at home (SAHM) are amazing too and I give it to ya, but today I’m high fiving my WMs out there and this is why.
I wake up and get my little guy cleaned up and ready for the day. Pass him off to my husband 15 or so minutes before I have to leave- throw myself together and head for the door. If it’s Monday or Wednesday I leave at 8 AM and come home around 9:30 PM, if it’s a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, I leave around 10:45 and come home around 8:45. When I come home I’m greeted at the door and a huge, “I’m glad you’re home! I’ve had a day from
Hell!” Like my day was roses and cobbler! Anyhow, I shrug that off and focus on mommy-mode. Switch gears! Mind you- M/W I’ve worked two jobs so those days I switch gears 3 separate times! I then do the bottles because I’ve pumped that day, figure out what we are eating for a late dinner, play, give the boy a bath, nurse, play, read a book, nurse, play (but really attempt to get him in bed), nurse, wall back and forth – bounce- bounce-bounce, nurse, lay down and nurse… Meanwhile, the SAHD who had the day from hell is sleeping, or watching TV or decompressing in his man cave…. I’m on what I call third shift. This doesn’t exist for a SAHD- it would be different with the SAHM, am I right? Dinner would be cooked, dishes put away, a smile on her face, working dad would relax, eat, watch TV, play-read, night night to those kiddos and do it all again the next day.
Not the WM, she performs magic tricks after work and reenergizes for the night shift! On the clock again so the househusband can enjoy a nice quiet evening.
I do have to say, tonight dinner was made! It was so nice to come home to dinner! And, then, well I did the dishes and all else. Oh, I’m also sick. Cold symptoms and a desperate runny nose. If my husband gets sick, that’s it, we’re doomed! Ugh. I desperately want gender equality! I thought by evolving into a working mom and having a SAHH I’d get the equality I was envisioning. Instead, I’ve added more to my plate and stretched myself thin.
There are not many moms in my situation, so I’m left to blog about it. I love my husband to death but man, can a sister catch a break! Bills, appointments, groceries, work, cleaning, ordering…. All under mom’s watch….
Dad, yard work, pool, and watching the boy (with the help of our PT nanny). I don’t know what the perfect balance is- there isn’t one. All I’m asking for is a little less on my plate or a way to be happy with the overflow! I’m guessing I’ll have to find happiness in the latter.
How do you manage your motherly duties? I don’t/can’t give up my jobs as we are in financial turmoil. I also worked my ass off to obtain my degrees.


2 thoughts on “Working mom + third shift

  1. I feel you on everything this blog is about! My kids are now 7 and 3; I still struggle with all the time. It never seems fair and you appear to have got extra weight to carry with the finances. Just remember that it will not be like this forever

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