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So, after my panic yesterday, of course I’m looking for the positive in life. I have the basic needs of life and a sweet family to go along with it. Even though I’d like to ring my husband’s neck at times. But then I saw this post on FB and it made me feel guilty – again. Debt. Such a four letter word. So many of us have it. So many of us hide that we have it. Almost like a mistress or a bad tattoo. Not only that, so many of us are confused of how to get RID of the shit! Where’s my bail out, right?
I’m on a mission to figure this out. I don’t know how- but I will strive to not live in this financial state any longer. The older I become the more aware I am of the consumer attitudes of others. I used to buy expensive things- handbags, jeans, shoes, sunglasses, bath in suits, Etc., in order to feel like I was good enough to hang around the people that could afford this way of life. But, let’s get real.

YOU can’t afford it
YOU don’t need it
It doesn’t make YOU a better person
YOU’RE not going to die without it
YOU won’t remember you wanted it in a year.

Okay, so that was easy. But I need to put that in practice. Really, I am not in debt because I have so many amazing items. It’s a combination of college, masters, low paying job (but health insurance/PTO/balance, accidents that lead to medical bills and well, a baby! All in all, I can’t be that much different than any other 20something that wanted a degree, house, family and career. Now, I can and will be different.

My new decision to get my finances and life in order: create a “debt & dream board.” Once I do, I’ll post photos. I have no idea how it will look or work; but, I’m a firm believer in setting a goal and seeing it daily. So, what more do I have to lose?


I know this is not a mistake. I know I’m struggling for a reason. But, I’m better than this and it won’t get me down! I have so much to be thankful for but that doesn’t make me want more out of life. Less is more.

Another sweet photo for you.


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