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I ran a half-marathon today!

It wasn’t my best time & wasn’t my slowest either! I’ve ran 2 half marathons since my son’s been born! I feel like that’s a great accomplishment! I used to be 55 pounds overweight and wasn’t a runner. I lost my weight on Weight Watchers and have kept if off since! Of course, I gained baby weight but took that off with WW within 5 months!
So, life as a healthy person and runner is amazing!
My half marathon goes a little something like this:
night before:
Am I really running 13.1 tomorrow? Am I dumb, or did I really sign up for this!? dreams that night: I usually either am late for the marathon or miss it completely! Frantically, I wake up the next morning and think: Did I miss it!? No, okay, let’s get ready for this thing. Now, my runs after baby are not as easy. Get up, get ready, wake husband up (who is grouchier than I, and I’m the one running!) wake up baby, change baby, calm him down as he hates the car seat, deal with hubby as he hates that the baby hates the car seat {as he glares at me and I know he’s thinking- why the F do you HAVE to do this again!?}
Alas, at the start line! Wait, I do have to actually run this now! Talking about 13.1 was so much more exiting than actually running this damn thing. Okay, well, here goes nothing!
Mile-1- you’re a rock star, look at you go!
Mile-3- wow, here already! HOLLA
Mile-5- Amber, you are a hero! Amazing song on your iPhone, praising The Lord! Thanking him for the amazing legs he gave me! No one can defeat me- in all actuality, we all know this one is not true & let’s be honest, that feeling left as soon as it came.
Mile-7- I’ve been running for over an hour! Holy!
Mile-9- is that a HILL? FML.
Mile-10- it’s all down…. Shit! Another HILL? Who creates these MFing courses!??? You horrible, horrible person you!
Mile-11- am I still running? I feel like jello.
Mile-12- you can’t stop now! Can’t stop, won’t stop. Shit. Have to stop. For just a mini second! Ohhhhhh, feels soooo good to walk it off! Shit! Did he just take a picture of me walking? The one time I stop! And snap! Man, people will think I just walked this whole thing! Grrrrrrr.
Mile-13- I am almost done! I can’t believe it! Yes, yes,yes!
Mile-13.1- give me that damn medal & my free banana! And get out of my way.
After the race- no cell service and tears because I just realized I had to walk to my husband and baby! Noooooooo!

What a mix of emotions! Thankfully, hubby and baby were happy once they found me! I just completed my 4 th half marathon and what a whirlwind. I encourage anyone- shape or size- to run or walk a race! The best feeling in the world!

And…… Your picture for this blog is ME. Hot. Stinky. And well, 13.1 miles later.


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