Titles are hard to come by

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Well, I was forced to spend 5,000 on dental work for my husband last Wednesday. I wanted to blog that day but I knew better. There were so many emotions I was sorting through. Part of me wanted to cry, scream, or just crawl into bed with a large piece of chocolate cake. But, I just agreed to the dotted line- 2 years of payments to pay off this debt. Mind you, I’m adding this to 3,000 of other dental work he underwent a few months ago. So, bills for January are (drumroll please) late again. You know the story. It’s the American dream, right!? So wrong. Oh, so, so wrong. I attempted to put off some bills to not overdraft my account; but, of course, they ran anyway. So here I am in the REDAGAIN It’s just so sad to work 60 hour weeks and still be behind- treading thick muddy water.
I don’t complain to many friends and family- mostly because of this quote, “You made your bed, now lie in it.” Well, I’m there. You know the moment, when your parents were right? Well, I’m there too. But, all I can do is continue to tread in that murky water. Too bad it’s not diamond water like the Persian chick! Gotta love Shah’s.
I love trash TV, sorry.
Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to not drive to and from work and be consumed by all my late bills or the bills that are coming up. Oh, and speaking of driving… Let’s hope I have enough gas to get to work! How embarrassing: “sorry, I can’t come in to work today, I’m a loser and don’t have gas money!” Can you imagine?
I wish I had some advice for myself! Or, if I had to do it all over again, say, maybe I’d make different choices. But, the fact of the matter is I am where I am today because of the choices I made.
You know what? I do love this blogging business! This is an amazing outlet for me. I know, this is only my 9th blog or so- but I feel like I am able to get this out and then let it go. It’s a way to meditate on my decisions and shortcomings, put them in the world and say: OK, that’s that. Move on and get going. Maybe this will work out for me????
I do have to say that once I actually conquer this debt madness I’ll feel on top of the world! I also think that maybe if I can do this, someone else can too! That motivates me to really try hard and pay off these debts! All in all, I think I owe somewhere around 33,000 in credit card and car loan debt, 150,000 in home debt, & 90,000 in student loans. My goal is to pay off the smallest CC first, then finish my Jeep, then tackle the rest of the CC’s. It’s a heavy weight, but I’ve over come other struggles and I think I can do this too!

Well, let’s hope I can….
A few sweet moments of my life for you…




2 thoughts on “Titles are hard to come by

  1. Ugh! I feel your pain! Things will get better at some point! They will. Kids will grow older and less expensive (or well at least from the 5-10 age range I hear). Although it feels like it will last forever, it doesn’t! Acknowledging you want a different is an important step. Some people shrug of debt without hesitancy! That it is bothering you means you want to do something about it! And you will!

    1. Thank you! I’m creating a dream board in a few weeks… When I can go out and buy a few cheap dollar store items to create it! Anyhow, I think that will help me organize my bills and look for a debt free future! I’ll post that when I make it 😊

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