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Easier said than done.

My husband and I finally had our blow out argument about finances, work, life, love, feeling lonely, feeling angry, feeling unloved.

After hours of being mad and frustrated we finally talked, agreed, had an adult conversation.

It took so much out of us to get there. There was finger pointing in the beginning… A good amount of you need to do this and I do this. We both must have exhausted ourselves with our own self righteousness, because, hours after all that we just started talking. REAL TALK.

How he feels, how I feel, how we are planning on working through this. How money shouldn’t come between us and if we work together we can overcome the oh my g-d we’re broke- again… Shit.

I know this will not go away overnight; we will have to work on it. BUT, it feels great to just have that conversation.

Talk. Communicate. Understand.

We all can use more of that.

Another note, I am glad it’s a some what quiet Sunday. My boy is finally down for a nap and I’m just here….
Waiting for my husband to finish printing his Tshirts.

Life is good… When you let it be good.


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