Bad Parenting

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I met my mentor (from my full time job) outside of work today. She’s becoming more like a friend to me. She too has a son who is 1 year old so we are relating to each other more and more. But something she said to me today struck a chord. She said,

I feel like I’m failing as a parent.
What's funny is I bet every parent thinks they have failed, ARE FAILING, or WILL FAIL.

So much worrying about failure.

It makes me wonder

WHY do we feel the need to be perfect in the role of parenting?

Look, I’m no perfectionist. I’m sure you’ve gotten that by now. But, I’m also no quitter! I want to be an awesome mom. But, in that moment… Of her saying she felt like a failure- I confessed and said, “I’m a failure too.”
There. I’m not super mom. Shit. Don’t tell anyone. In fact, I most likely will suck at being a mom my whole life. I love my son SO much but I will always makes mistakes. There will always be a mom that will make better lunches, says the right things, tells the best stories, likes the right sports, blah, blah, blah. BTW- to that mom out there- ya, you, the perfect one.
GO FUCK YOURSELF. You make us all look bad! And you make us feel bad for looking bad!

Okay, you get it. I suck, my mentor sucks (who is very successful in the corporate world-btw) and I’m sure many, many more moms would put themselves in our bucket.

Let’s revolt, one sucky mom for another!

Speaking of sucky moms- I let my kid play outside while I was watching him and he climbed up and fell on a cactus right in front of my eyes! Talk about being a really shitty mom! It was beyond amazing- NOT! There- now, go back to your day- because you’ve probably done more positive than not.

My poor guy is just fine. Scraped up, but okay.

If I had all the money in the world- I would buy this tunic. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tory Birch- I bet she’s perfect in every way imaginable. UGH.




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