Damn Thieves

Parenting, running

My friend, who is a stay at home mom, was robbed and her bike was stolen! She used her bike daily to get to and from the park to enjoy the day with her kiddos! She is such an awesome mom; someone who I would love to be like. She’s funny, carefree, and all around a cool hippie chick!
She’s so sad about her bike and I don’t blame her! It’s the way she could spend fun time with her kids and now it’s a hassle to get them out and to the park. I know, first world problems.
But, hey, people have helped others for little reasons… So I figured why not ask my friends and Facebook friends for some dough…?

So, today, I raised some money! Not enough for the whole bike, but made good headway. So, now, why not ask the rest of the world to chip in!????!!!!!

Would you?
Would you help a stay-at-home mom get her freedom back?
Would you help her connect with her littles in a playful/intimate way?

Any small amount would help us get there!

Paypal – ambernicholegreen@gmail.com

I can’t wait to see her face!!!!!

Have you ever been so excited about helping someone else? I’m trilled! I can’t wait to accomplish this feat!

Happy Weekend!



Mommy and baby! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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