Mom. Just a, huh?


Okay. So you know, Mom’s day is around the corner. I honestly have little expectations from my husband. Not because he’s a horrible husband or father but mostly because, well, we’ve gone through so much financially that I don’t care to celebrate something that’s gonna cost us! Every time I turn around I’m paying for something I don’t want to.

This month my cable/internet was turned off- I didn’t care but my husband called me in a panic because he needs it to run his small business that takes more money from our house than brings in. So, I let him pay it. Brining our checking account to close to zero. Then, our cell phones were turned off. So, I called and begged them to turn them back on with a payment arrangement. They did. Thank you masters in communication.

Thankfully, I had about 100$ on my credit card to buy a few groceries… We were pretty low on food. But, we’ve made it to my next paycheck. I then paid all our bills – sigh of relief. But, then well we needed groceries and my husband, again, needed business “stuff” and we had to overdraft again to get all things necessary. I honestly don’t want to work 3 jobs just to overdraft weekly but what the fuck am I supposed to do? I know, I know…
My husband….
He is an artist. And artists have this thing about their brains- they don’t function well in our society. I wish someone would see his amazing work and do something with that talent. It’s honestly breathtaking. He doesn’t even realize how good he is. I think he truly believes we will win the lotto. I WISH! UGG. I don’t know what to say or do except continue working my ass off.

I am not teaching summer school and that’s a huge pay cut for us. We barely make it now – I have NO idea what’s in store for us this summer without the income. I don’t even want to think about it. It makes me sick to think what could happen to our family.

What if I can’t pay my bills?
What do I do?
I know I should pay the most important ones and leave the others… But most of them are really important!

Well, all I can say is…. I am willing to work, work, work, to pay my bills, bills, bills.

Anyhow, look at this sweet pea!

Below is a picture that my husband drew….




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