Cloth diaper me momma!

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I’ve used cloth diapers since my son was 1 day old. It’s amazing all the misconceptions out there about cloth diapering. The reasons I chose to cloth diaper were simple. A friend (non-mom) asked me, “are you going to cloth diaper?” And without hesitation I said, “YES!” Then I realized, shit! What the hell do I know about cloth diapers? No one I’d ever known had used them. Were they like the pins that In-N-Out has? If so, I’m sure I’ll kill my kid day 1. Who is going to wash these said cloth diapers? Where would I buy such a contraption? Target? Safeway? Nordstrom’s? If it was Nordies that would totally be out of the question!
So, I began my research at approximately 5 months prego. I was determined to not be a liar and figure out how I would hold up my end of the deal- the “yes” of course I’ll cloth diaper- to which I know nothing about.
That lead me to a few misleading and quite annoying blogs that said, “Easy. Do it.” Or, “here’s a few options just do it.” FML? Really. I don’t know how to be a mom and it’s just that simple? Where do I freaken start? So, on my quest to figure out what I would do I stumbled into my own path. First, we have an amazing cloth diaper store in Scottsdale, Arizona and Chandler, Arizona. @zoolikins Zoolikins the owner is just amazing. There you will find all you need and more.
So, I’ll give you a few quick tips. If you feel like you WANT more information –please ask! I didn’t anticipate writing blogs about cloth diapering/systems but so many people have asked me lately.
Quick Tip 1- Buy a few types of systems! This will help you know and understand what you like. We tried 3 types: Prefolds with a cover, All in Ones and fitted with a cover. We really did like them all. Surprisingly, my husband liked the Prefolds for infants the best! Go figure.
Quick Tip 2- If you choose Prefolds you need “snappys.” These “pin” the cloth together to stay put. We also used the snappys for the fitted ones (although it’s not necessary).
Quick Tip 3- The All-In-One or stuffable diapers are amazing but more expensive – and I am a cheap cloth diaper momma on a budget. BUT I do feel like a few of these are a must for overnight! They are super absorbent and are easy to snap up or Velcro and go! Also, we started sending little Zaccai to day care part time and the care providers were happy to see the easy cloth system. We send 5-7
Of these and that’s plenty for the day!
Quick Tip 4- DO NOT RUN OUT of DETERGENT! Pick your fav and stick to it… Well, sort of. We love Green Mountain. I’ll have to find a link to it somehow, but Zoolikins sells it. This one is a liquid and very easy. The power is called Rockin Green and it’s good but my husband ran through it like a banchi and I NIXED that! We ran out once. No bueno. Diaper rash for days. Painful. But that leads me to my next tip… Or next two tips.
Quick Tip 5- You can strip your diapers and we had to after using regular detergent. The packages are cheap to strip them and you have to do it in the tub for a few hours and rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse. Then dry. Wala, all fresh and new.
Quick Tip 6- Organic diaper cream for a happy bum and happy cloth diaper. You can only use certain ones- I use angel momma (something like that). It’s at Zoolikins too- you get it. He’s gotten a rash once because we thought we would travel with disposables- bad idea. And when we used the normal detergent. #clothdiaperparentfail
Quick Tip 7- EBF or exclusively Breastfeed or pumping you don’t need to rinse the poo, just wash. I know, eww… But it’s not. Get over it. You’re tired anyway. Use the time to: drink (hard alcohol- kidding, have an orgasm, or shave your pits.) you get it!
Quick Tip 8- invest in a sprayer. When your baby starts eating solids you will need it. It’s not too pricey ($60 maybe) and you hook it to the toilet. Easy.
Quick Tip 9- Trust yourself, you can do it. I wash approximately every 3-4 days and can push it up to 5 if I’m traveling and I have traveled several times with cloth. No problemo.
Quick Tip 10- enjoy your savings!

Sweet boy in an All in One!


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