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Have you ever dealt with an addict?

Two people in my life are extreme addicts. Since I have some friends now following my blog, I’ll leave it at that. 1 of my family members is a functioning alcoholic and the other one is a homeless drug/alcohol user. I have struggled to “do the right thing” for each of them and just don’t know how to help.

A few weeks ago it got really bad. The homeless one was arrested again. Sadly, at this point I’m numb to the arrests- at least he is somewhat safe. The other person is so affected by the homeless person that it makes her drink even more. It’s such a bad cycle.

The “functioning alcoholic” [she] is an amazing person but when she drinks she send me mean text messages, says mean things, or post inappropriate comments on Facebook. She’s someone I can’t imagine life without but I fear for her life. She travels for work and stays in hotels most of the time so it makes it difficult to monitor her progress or support her into sobriety (if that is possible).

Are these people lost causes?

I feel that it’s time for me to do something; so, a friend and I are going to try an Al-anon meeting this week. Have you ever been there? I’m not sure what to expect.

My sweet boy is such a nice comfort to my hectic, insane, crazy life. I just want calmness and peace… What’s funny is that is the same thing [she] used to tell me. Sigh.



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