Mom + sickies

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Yesterday I met a work friend for lunch to discuss our upcoming hunger campaign at work. It’s one of the largest food donations in Phoenix- pretty proud of that! Anyhow, on my way over to the spot I noticed a homeless man. Mind you, it’s 110+. So, something made me pull over and ask him if he was hungry.

Earlier that morning, I checked my bank account, -4.00. Damn! Luckily, I had a random check come in the mail from my mortgage company! 268. I quickly deposited it on my phone, love technology. Now, I know I have a bill coming out so that money is off limits. But, my husband had a Tshirt order that was larger than expected so I had some cash in hand. Lucky day.

I don’t have money, that’s obvious. But I had some extra cash that day and I felt like I needed to pass it on. I took my new friend to Chik-fil-a (no affiliation nor do I agree with their gay rights stance) and he got a #8 and I bought another 20$ gift card. So, all in all, he might get 3 meals.

I realize that does not solve all his problems but we did get to talking. This is what I learned,

His name is Phil. He’s from Santa Ana\Orange County. He came to AZ for work and was laid off in 2010. Someone stole his SSN number,
worked, didn’t file taxes and here he is today.

I worked at the United Way for a short period of time – my company sent me there and paid my salary. There I learned about so many resources for people like Phil. I shared the information and I gave him the address.

I have close to “nothing,” but that doesn’t stop me from giving what I can when I can.

Last night I came home and immediately felt ill. Something in my lunch was not cooked or didn’t agree with me. I was up sick all night – over the toilet bowl. Know, you know when you’re sick and not feeling good all you want is your mom. I seriously almost called her. Anyhow, as I’m making horrendous sounds/cries over the toilet my sweet son walks in and murmurs some words to me and pats my shoulder. Holy Heart Melt. I wanted to hug him but another wave of you know what came through.

I’m so thankful for what I have – it’s not much and we struggle, struggle and struggle, but it’s more than others. I choose happiness when others choose resentment. It’s just the right way to live.

A few pictures of my sweet life.





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