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I lost 55 pounds on Weight Watchers 7 plus years ago. I followed the program and learned from my mistakes and slowly but surely the weight fell off. Hard work. Determination.

I grew up loving food. Every meal was a celebration! There were times that we didn’t have many food options but we always had something to eat. When my parents separated then divorced we ate bean and cheese burritos, rice, cup-o-noodles, and other cheap-ass-high-calorie-shit-food. So, needless to say, I had no idea that healthy food and portion size mattered.

Joining Weight Watchers changed my life – forever. In fact, I’d go so far to say it’s changed my son’s life too. I lost the weight way before he was even a thought but I am a healthier person because of the program!

I always follow W.W. but occasionally, I try new recipes and ideas. Today I have tried and failed a paleo recipe. What’s wrong with these perfect eaters anyway!?


As suggested, I started with 2 cups of almonds and my vita mix. Blended.
Blended. Stopped since Z was crying to hold him. Started. Stopped because the vita mix was on over-drive. Then I thought, this is why I don’t do this shit. Then restarted. This took all of 30 minutes. When you read the recipe they make it seem so easy. 10-15 minutes.

Be patient!

Well, for the love of (-)… This is what I’m left with hours later.


Looks a little chunky, no?

It’s so easy “they say.” Those Paleo people deserve to get a kick in the butt! Here’s the delightful recipe: Amazing Paleo Banana Almond Ice Cream

You try it, let me know.
I’m full of misses. Not a cook, not a baker, not a homemaker. Ahhhh,
Oh well.

We went swimming today. Check out this sweetness.


It’s 102 out. Melt. Heart melt, too.

It’s so hot and our Paleo ice cream is a bust. I’ve decided we will go to Churn for a sweet treat.


Eating healthy daily is for the birds. Enjoy ice cream.

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