Children’s book – 5 years in the waiting

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Years ago I was hiking South Mountain and my friend Jessie and I were talking about freeing ourselves from the corporate world. I have never been a creative soul so I knew from an early age that I would need to learn corporate adaptability. I have. But while we were hiking all those years ago I said to her, “I’m going to write a book.” Of course I had crazy endorphins running though my stream so at the time it was a perfect plan!

Anyone would experience this out of body experience after hiking and seeing this view!


So, she said, “well, what’s your book about?” Damn. Now I have to think of a book genre and theme! I just want to slap my name on something… Not work for it. “A Children’s Book.”

I’m laughing out loud as I think about this.

I was 23 at the time. Didn’t really care about a family and kids- just looking for a quick fix to my financial problems as a college student working and supporting myself. Needless to say, that dream died on that mountain.

Until now.

I just finished my first children’s book. All pages are written – except the title. Why are titles so hard!? My husband is illustrating the book… So he’s in the process of working on the other half of my project. It’s a book series (I’ve only written the first one) from the perspective of my son. Once I finish the book and find a publisher and publish this thing – I’ll relay more info! It’s kind of exciting; a publisher left me a message yesterday! I need to call her back but I’m on vacation. No need to rush, it’s been 5 years in the making.

I’m in The OC, CA. my family lives here but I’m staying at one of my best friend’s house from high school. Our sons are 6 weeks apart and they had a ball together yesterday! I wish we lived closer. Our lives could not be further apart. Her house is beautiful, glamorous, big, expensive, decorated. My house is historic, needs updating, needs a HGTV makeover! It’s the funniest thing because I would think I might be jealous of her house/life/family, but I’m not. I’m so happy for her. I’m thankful her life and family is so awesome and beautiful. She has an amazing husband and 2 sweet babies. Isn’t that what life’s about? Really, truly being happy for your friends?

This sweet boy continues to melt my heat. Sweet pieces of goodness!




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