Puerto Rican Vacation!

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Well, we survived our Puerto Rican Vacation. Our travel was nuts. We fly standby (my mom is a flight attendant) and I traveled with Z to LA the weekend before our big trip. So, needless to say we became very familiar with the airports!

Zaccai is actually a great flyer. So, I don’t really worry that he’ll get upset during the flight. He was so cute through it all!


My flight adventures…


Drop Zaccai off with my mom’s partner (my step-mom-not legally)

ATL —> SJU —> drive to Rincon.

San Juan, Old San Juan

Remember, friends, I’m broke. But, we cut corners to make this work.

Night 1. Hostel. Posado San Fransisco



The view.
The coffee.
The husband.
Oh, the husband.


We fell in love again in Puerto Rico.

We are so lucky.

Puerto Rico is rich in culture, but very poor. Wow. Writing that made me realize that’s me. Rich in culture, thought, love… Poor in our societies sense of “rich.” What an epiphany.

What would you rather have? We struggle. We have little savings and are launching this business that we believe in.

During our stay in Old San Juan we spent an hour or so at a little poetry coffee shop. We talked business. Dreams. Future. Financial freedom.

We designed a t-shirt that we both loved.

We went to Puerto Rico for a wedding. So after a few days in Old San Juan we drove to Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Again, being cheap, we stayed in a hostel the first night in Rincon: The Rincon Inn. All I can say is:


I flipped out! It was too late to complain or ask for another room. Marvell was so tired he fell asleep with our new roommates. Mr. & Miss Bugs/Spiders/creep Crawlers! I…..

I sat on my luggage and looked around like a crack head. I stayed up all night long until I couldn’t take it anymore. 7 hours of watching Orange is the New Black.

That show saved my life that night. The room was so gross and nasty! Lesson learned. No more hostel surfing.

The next 5 days we were in a fancy shared villa! All I have to say is thank God!

I’m sharing this photo to #embraceyourbody





I hope you do something for yourself, even when you think you can’t afford it. Your heart and soul need it. Don’t cheap yourself.

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