2 weeks notice

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Hello, Monday.

Today really feels like a Monday. 4 day work weeks seem to be longer than 5 days.

Usually, I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky type of person. Glass half full. But for some reason today I feel like crying. Marvell and I had a great breakfast this morning, helped each other with the dishes and I made orange-lemon water. Then, I had to get ready for work. It seemed so painful for some reason. Like I was leaving my heart on the table and the boys would have their day, without me.

Here’s the water goal- drink more. I got a nice glass water holder from World Market and cut oranges and lemons then added my ice and water. Easy. It also looks pretty on the counter.


Here’s my thought: if I gave a two weeks notice at work who would miss me? No one. If I gave a two weeks notice at home my family would fall apart. They would miss me.

I’m a “work-a-holic.” I’ve always been okay with that. Really.

Today, I feel a little sad that I’ve valued work over family. I have to work and that’s fine. But, I need to begin to value my family more than I value work. When I’m sick, I need to stay home. When I have PTO I need to focus on my family. When it’s a weekend I need to focus on the weekend.

Life is short.
Life is sweet.
Don’t forgot to love.
Don’t forget to thank her/ him for the blessings in your life.

Last night I let Z have two small cupcakes. A sweet treat for an even sweeter boy.



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