Life is like….

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A plate of half eaten cherries.


Zaccai ate cherries for the first time! I carefully watched him take a bite, put it down and grab another one.

I got to thinking; life isn’t like a bowl of beautiful cherries held within an Anthropologie bowl (can you tell I would love an Anthro house!?). It’s more like a plain white plate with half-eaten cherries.

We were supposed to be in Mississippi this weekend celebrating The Fourth with Marvell’s family; but, we didn’t get on our standby flight. All over booked. We were sad. However, this allows us the opportunity to do some much needed things- unpack from Puerto Rico/Mississippi (I know…. That was over a week ago), focus on the business and to do’s, we’ve put things off too long, and just relax.

I literally suck at relaxing. I thank my Grandmother on my father’s side for that. Really, I thank her! But, when it comes to laying around and doing nothing… I can’t! So, I’m practicing the art of relaxing- just a bit.

Our T-shirt Co. is called

The Free Love Co.

The Free Love Co. Blog

I created our blog for the business. This is a free way to get a website started. So, if you love my blog, add The Free Love as well!

I’m really enjoying blogging, writing and sharing… I hope you are enjoying reading.

My sweet boy loves babies. We went to a play place and there were a few babies to play with. He scooped them up and hugged each one. Heart melt! He loved one in particular and made sure it had a cloth diaper on! Of course, I was one proud cloth diapering momma.

Enjoy these sweet moments from our play day.







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