Sharing Your Passions

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Today I shared a little about myself my colleagues didn’t know. Do you share personal information at work? If so, are you comfortable being vulnerable? I’ve gotten feedback I “over-share.” So, I’ve truly worked on this for the past few weeks. However, today, we had a team lunch that forced us into an intimate space of open dialogue. And, well, I couldn’t help myself.

Someone mentioned they shop at Walmart, I remarked, I boycott them. Someone else brought up Hobby Lobby and I shared that I boycott them as well. Everyone laughed and said, “what else do you boycott?” So, I shared a list and gave them all valid reasons for not supporting those businesses.

Since I was a child I always wanted to stand up for marginalized individuals. In 5th grade, I stood up for Bobby. Everyone made fun of him. Kids are mean. One day at the lunch table kids were picking on him and treating him like dirt. I, on the other hand was well-liked. So, I took it upon myself to stand up on the benches and tell the lunch room they needed to stop making fun of Bobby. And they DID! Bobby later thanked me.

Some days I think I was a stronger individual when I was 10. I didn’t care what people thought of me when I was standing up for marginalized individuals. (Of course, I had no idea I was being an advocate). All I wanted was to give everyone a voice. We all deserve respect. We all deserve rights.

My sweet boy stirs up those “old-school” emotions. I’m a passionate advocate looking for my next opportunity to advocate, boycott or represent. I have one in mind. Stay tuned. It revolves around my children’s book.

Until then, I posted about my friend and her stolen bike. I raised $250.00 and purchased a gift card and she bought a bike! Here is a picture of her shinny purchase! I should have posted this a while ago but I was caught up in life!




That smile.

My sweet boy grows! Look at him.



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