Pear-ant hood : just that.

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Everyone is so excited and up in arms when you make your announcement!

“We’re pregnant!” Or, “We’re Preggo!” Or better yet, you’re one of those cute couples that did a profesh announcement, “bump ahead” with soon-to-be dad pointing at the soon-to-be mom’s flat as hell belly. Or, maybe the feet one- oh, that’s so cute (as I roll my eyes) “We’re growing by two feet!”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is amazing for all these cutsie-wootsie ideas but when it really comes down to it – none of that shit matters.

I remember praying that I wouldn’t get stretch marks after finding out I was pregnant. I mean, we tried for 9 months I should have prepared myself for what was to come. But, I stupidly found Pinterest and made a board, “all things boy” and believed my life would be as easy and beautiful as these pins.

News flash – Pinterest lives are a lie.

So, there I was attempting to live up to these perfect boards, photos, step-by-step do it yourself ideas. What I really should have been doing was enjoying every moment of being pregnant and expecting the “worst.” By “worst” I mean:

Don’t expect your birth plan to go perfect. Learn to be flexible. Don’t expect to be one of these cute Pinterest pregnant women with skinny bodies and the cutest bump- bitches… You know who you are! Do expect stretch marks – loads of them. Do expect long restless nights. Don’t expect amazing preggo marriage intimacy (you know). Don’t expect your partner to know what you need. I could go on and on.



Look at that beautiful stomach! This of course was pre-pregnancy. I worked hard for that stomach. Lost 55 pounds, learned to run, hike and yoga. I worried my body would never be the same, duh. But really, really what I should have worried about were the things that mattered.

Things that matter when you become a parent:

Your marriage/partner and your child.

Guess what doesn’t matter:

Your boobs, stretch marks, Pinterest boards, cute nursery, perfect stroller, perfect blankets… On and on.

What I’m trying to say is focus on what you can control when you’re pregnant. The most beautiful opportunity life will give you- life.

I stressed over stretch marks. S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D. and guess what? It was all a waste.

This belly grew a human. 20 months, postpartum.



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