When She Believes

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You know when you get that tingling feeling in a good way?

There are some moments in life that literally just take your breath away.

My moments have brought me to where I am today. Wife + mother

Meeting Marvell was/is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Deep down, maybe, just maybe, that first moment we sat down with each other and talked we knew we were wrong for each other [in some ways] age mostly. Honestly, that was more of a challenge [fight for the fittest] than anything. Both of us were up for it.

The thing is I believe in him. The him that is/will be. But, what draws me closer to him [although he will tell you otherwise] is he believes in me. It’s literally written in every move he makes. I often doubt my abilities; he doesn’t. I often doubt my ability to love & measure up; he doesn’t.

He thinks I’m a queen….

Marvell chose our wedding songs. We danced to this gem.

Enjoy. Listen. Move. Love. Believe.

When She Believes


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