You’re Beautiful, that’s for sure.

Attachment parenting, Body shaming, Family

I can’t help but write about women and body shaming. There is something unique about me….

I don’t give a fuck.

Well, that’s not entirely true; but, it’s mostly true.

I’ve always known I was beautiful. Ask my friends. At 191 pounds, I saw beauty. Sure, I knew I was “fat.” Or, what society considers “fat.” But, I was also a best friend, a daughter, a sister, a student, a shoulder to lean on when most of those people needed me.

I wore a bikini at my highest weight & didn’t give a damn. Sure, sure, I wanted to be stick thin. But, I also wanted to eat. So, hey, it didn’t seem like such a big issue.

Now, you say, well, didn’t you lose 55 pounds? It surely must have been because you realized you were “fat,” “uncomfortable,” “piggish,” [all of these I’ve heard and maybe believed a little-at times]. My answer to that is NO.

I joined Weight Watchers because I knew I was ready to learn healthy habits and be the best person I could be. I never thought I was “disgusting” even if others possessed that thought.

I’ve been around hundreds of [mostly] women who constantly focus on the negative when it comes to their body. The amount of body shaming we allow ourselves to do: on Facebook, in our daily interactions and conversations with close friends/family or even strangers…. is absurd!

Last night I had 2 jaw dropping beautiful women at my house. Instead of pointing out their beauty WE discussed our flaws. Flaws that each other didn’t see.

Men & Women.


You’re beautiful, that’s for sure.

I was beautiful at 191… At 133 [lowest weight]… And at 141 [lifetime goal weight].

I’m beautiful today because I SAY so.

Are you beautiful today?


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