Your Purpose in Life…..?

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I met with one of my mentors on Sunday. We went to Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffles ! Haha, if you’ve never visited Phoenix you’ll think I’m a nut-head telling you to drive here. It’s in the smack-dab middle of the ghetto. Oh, well, probably the best chicken and waffles you’ll find west of the Mississippi.

But, I’m not here to tell you I’m a secret meat eater: I claim to be vegetarian (ha!) But, when the opportunity arises to try staples in the meat world- who am I to turn down a once in a lifetime event? It was goooood, too.

My mentor is amazing. She’s infectious. Seriously, when people meet her they want MORE. More time to listen to her speak, more time to breathe in her passion for people and more time to hear they deserve to follow their dreams.

Her message for me: don’t fall into the trap, Amber. The trap: holding your husband accountable for the things you are naturally amazing at and expect him to be that good.

That’s your gift, not his.

Stop there. My gift? I thought everyone does “this.” It’s just so easy…..!

That’s it. Your gift is easy because it’s yours! You cultivate it, you perfect it, you know it. It belongs to you.

My job, then, is to hold him accountable for his gifts: art and T-shirts. Shoot. I’ve been doing this all wrong for years now… F-it all. (I like how I pretend I never say the”f-bomb” on this blog; I’m such a lady!)

Crap. I’ve been wrong and most likely have been driving this man nuts for years. Let’s be honest, I’ll most likely get this wrong a few different times in a few different ways; but, she gave me the resources to motivate him… Because, without him, I’m not whole.

So, cheers to mentors.


This week is emotionally better but financially a wreck! My husbands truck has broken down a few times and it’s cost us $$$… we (of course-sigh) were not prepared for that expense. All I can say is we’re still ticking & tomorrow is another day. Money will come and go- our family is what’s important to focus on, right?


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