A Mother’s Dream

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Before I became a parent I knew exactly how to “parent.” Some how through these past [almost] 2 years my son has been alive, I’ve lost the knowledge. People now look at me in grocery stores, malls, airports and I’m sure they’re thinking lady get a hold of your kid!

Zaccai is so sweet but boy-oh-boy is he entering his terrible twos!? That’s okay though, really it’s freaking okay! I take my son mostly everywhere I go and most days he’s a chill boy. However, we all have our moments.

Speaking of “moments” Michael Brown had a moment. At first Americans heard of another police shooting – this time a black teen in Missouri. The story so unjust. Then [of course there has to be a fucking then] they release a video showing the teen stealing cigars… And let’s be honest- being a little shit head.

Have you ever been a “little shit head” in your life? I have. Shhhhh don’t tell anyone that. Being a little shit head has major consequences- like the time my teenage friend stole a few trinkets from Claire’s. I’m pretty sure her parents grounded her… And damn it if my mom would not let me back to the mall by myself; thanks Natalie. Or, the time that me and my friends stole Christmas lawn ornaments from the neighborhood to decorate an abandoned house- AWESOME…. still running free from that one. Or, the time we all got busted for underage drinking except this goodie two shoes was a sober driverby choice, of course. Minor in consumption, anyone?

Yes, little shit heads we were. BUT – Guess what!?

We are still alive to tell our story. Why? What were we missing? Gender? Race? Cultural ideology? [living in the West]???

Take this story into consideration Whiteness & the Michael Brown Story.

As a mom, my heart hurts. Mostly because I know Zaccai is going to be a little shit head one day. He’s going to royally FUCK UP. I’ll forgive him; I’ll be very, very pissed and his dad may
consider “teaching him a lesson…” BUT after that, we will love him, hug him, hey, we may even finish paying for his college education.

Michael Brown will never have the opportunity to learn from his little shit head mistake. Why? Because of the inequalities in our system & the ideologies of our nation. Go ahead, turn a blind eye, if you must. But, please don’t ignore the pain of a community. Sure, you may see “looting & violence” in the media….. What do you think sells? FUCKING PEACE? Nope. Sorry. Try again.

What I’m soap boxing about is the fact that I’m raising a Michael Brown- a boy of color that will one day face incredible injustices if we continue down this path. Take the time to reconsider your thoughts and be the change.

This post was heavy… So please- enjoy my sweet Zaccai. Remember, this is just a few months before the world declares him as a bonafide shit head. Terrible Two.




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