Authentic [YOU] & Dasein

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Even spellcheck doesn’t recognize “Dasein.”

Recently, I had a conversation with a senior leader in my organization. She has two children under the age of 3. Just like me, she’s decided being a career woman is the best choice for her family. After our conversation, I began to think about my masters program. One of my most treasured classes taught Martin Heidegger


His theor(ies) and ideology brought me back to Being in Time.
Dasein means/translates to being there. Our capacity as humans requires us to physically “be there” or “be somewhere.” BUT, are we truly there? Are we encountering true Dasein?

The precious moments of Dasein…


As a career mom, I was not [physically] there for this moment. I miss daily chats/smiles/naps… I’m not there, I’m here [work]. However, when I’m home, I’m present, attentive, affectionate, engaged and all mom. Dasein.


This sweet moment was captured by yours truly. I’ll go to the end of the earth for this boy.

My life is complicated, messy and perfect. Being authentic is never a struggle for me. I think Heidegger would say, Dasein cannot exist without being an authentic human being. I can only give you me & my life as I see it. I’ve been thanked for “sharing the rawness of my story.” Although I’m so thankful for the compliment, I have to say, I’ll always share me, my family and our world as I see it.

It’s not a glamorous life; but, we’ve built it and continue to weave the basket.


5 thoughts on “Authentic [YOU] & Dasein

  1. Amber,
    What a cool concept you bring to the surface. I love how you talk about being all mom when you are with Z. So many times I find that I am not truly there, not truly present. I appreciate this reminder to really show up and be authentic. Thanks!

  2. Hi Amber,
    Great post. I love this concept of dasein. It’s so nice how you say you are all mom when you are with Z. Makes me think about how often times I am not truly present. Great reminder to show up and be authentic. Thanks!

  3. Great story. I love how you talk about you are all mom and all about him once you’re home. I am pretty much a SAHM (work only 1-2 nights a week) and I find that sometimes I’m doing other things and not as attentive as I should be because I am home so much I believe I take time for granted and don’t cherish moments as I would if I were working more so thank you for the reminder that I should be more focused with my kids at times.

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