Just another day in Paradise

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Okay, you know that’s a lie. But, hey, a girl can dream- riiiight?

Marvell and I went to Kona, Hawaii for our honeymoon in Oct of 2010. Gosh, it seems like ages ago.

So young,
So wild,
So free.




Or so it seems. Looking back I can’t help but reminisce; our life seems so complicated now. House. Cars. Bills. Careers. Small Business problems. Baby. Baby Toddler.

Speaking of toddler, Marvell and I should have bought these helmets for ourselves. I could have used it tonight.


This was us zip-lining through the forest of Kona. So cool!

Meanwhile, present day, Zaccai is becoming a terrible–almost two– night monster. It’s Iike he saves all his pinned up frustration and anger until 30 minutes before bedtime and then let’s it unleash! Screaming, crying, pulling hair, scratching! YIKES! It makes me feel like a horrible mom! I have “punished him” and that temporarily works but then he’s back at it… Until he finally goes to bed.

Maybe I should buy a helmet. Red is a good color.

Do all toddlers go through this phase? Is this really the terrible twos? Should I run for the hills now?

Yes. Yes. & Yes.

Shit. I knew you’d say that.

I just want my sweet loving boy to be sweet!


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