I’m an official Guest Blogger!

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It happened! It’s so exciting! Here’s the back story.

Well, there is not much to it but Hushamok followed me on Twitter and read my blog posts. Then, asked me to guest blog for their site! I blogged about the Top Ten Things New Mom’s Should Know!

Check it out here: My Birth Write – Guest Blogs!

I can’t believe the success I’ve seen from my blog. Nothing monetary but the positive feedback from friends and new friends has been uplifting and amazing!!!

I just can’t explain the excitement!


Maybe it’s something like this smile above!? Isn’t he just the sweetest?????

PS- NO that is not Haagen-dazs in the background 😁😁 Caught red handed!


We are enjoying our time together this weekend! I’m focusing on a low-key weekend; just with the three of us. It’s time we need. I’ve started teaching again, back to two jobs. That means busy momma and very tired!


It’s all worth it for this boy and our family. I’ll just need to drink more of this!

Until next time my sweet friends!

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