Say Goodbye, Summer.


Where did it go? Summer? It’s September 1st!

September is a special month for me because it’s my birth month! I’m a Virgo; even though I’ve never attached myself to any specific traits of a Virgo, I definitely fall into a few.

Birthday {me} circa 1990, maybe?


Before I get all nostalgic on you, I wanted to share a few summer “ah-ha’s” for you mommas out there!

Summer sun is fierce in Arizona and nothing to be messed with. So, I’m giving you my take on a favorite summer sun screen for the baby in your life!


Balm! Baby- purchased here Balm! Baby

I was a bit skeptical since it’s not like your normal buy at Target sun block 95 SPF for kids and it’s in this tiny container. But it is AWESOME! It’s completely organic and safe for babies/kids. It also lasted all summer! And, in a pinch I used it as a butt cream (it says right on the label it doubles). What more could you ask for!?

I’ve also learned I’m somewhat lazier in the summer than other times of year! So, I’m committing to at home yoga. It’s still 100+ outside so running is not an option just yet. I need to stay in shape!


Those little legs keep me pretty busy, too!

As I’m sitting outside having my first cup of morning Sunday coffee I can’t help but reflect. We’ve had a rough summer… Not as rough as years past and not financially easy either. However, we’ve traveled, laughed and loved. It can always be better…. But it can easily be worse.

I’m thankful today. Still broke, but, thankful.

Happy September.


PS- I’ve been scraping the bottom of my makeup for a month… In case you were wondering what to get a girl on her birthday! Joking.


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