Coffee + Oatmeal + Steel Cut babies

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No. That’s not right. Although, Zaccai’s energy is steel cut!

In no way is my blog intended to be a cooking/baking/food blog… Yea, I’d quickly fail at that! [see my Pinterest fail post] but I do want to share a few tips for keeping my 55 pound weight loss OFF!

I’ve tracked on Weight Watchers program for all of 7+ years. It took me a year to lose the weight and it’s a daily struggle to keep it off. For the most part, I do a great job at it. This is what has helped me recently.

💜 Steel Cut Oats 💜

Oatmeal can be, well, blahhhh. But I like to “spice” it up. These are the oats that keep me full longer!

I also LOVE the crunch and satiety of chia seeds!


I use 1/4 of oats to 1 cup of water and somewhat over-cook the oats. When they’re over-cooked the water is completely gone and you’re left with nice, fluffy oats! If you’ve never tried steel cut oats, you’re in for a treat.

I add a splash of milk, chia seeds, a pinch of brown sugar and fruit. Sooo good.


Because we are low on funds these days, our dinning out brunch-ing is on hold. So, I took my coffee and oats outside and enjoyed the warm morning. Z took a little dip. Win. Win.


This kid is all over the place! I thought I had energy! He lights up our world. I’m so thankful for this sweet face. He makes grown-up/reality pain tolerable. This morning he forced Marvell to take his picture. I heard him saying, “dada, chhheeeesssseee


A few hours later he comes running into the living room with my bra exclaiming, “Momma! Momma!” Oh, geez. Even my son is telling me I need to put a bra on. Sigh.


Enjoy your weekend my sweet friends!

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