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I’ve told you all I wrote a children’s book but what I haven’t told you is that it’s to advocate for my family.

The book is from Zaccai’s perspective about his family.

I’ll have to wait to share the intimate details with you as I would like it to be published and set in stone before leaking the nitty gritty!

But, just know, this book rocks the core of my heart and many families struggling with normalcy and identity. I hope this book advocates for all types of families and children looking for a voice.

I’m in the funding and illustrating process. Meaning, this overdraft-living queen needs to come up with some dough. Not bread, darn. But- dollar, dollar, bills, ya’ll.

So, I’m asking and praying I can raise enough to begin the funding process of the book! If you can give, know someone that would benefit from my book or share with anyone that would love to chip in…. please. I beg you, share.

Go Fund Me – children’s book fund

This could be a really BIG thing for me and my family! I have more work now than ever! Once it’s published I’ll need to carve out time to do book store visits, chat my book up and sign these said books…. Maybe even do some readings!

All I can say is that I’m super excited and want to get moving. The hold up? Funds 😖 but I know, it will happen!





This sweet boy!

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