Oh, hello, Ocotober

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Where the hell did September go!? I’m pretty sure it was the shortest month ever! My bank account can confirm that. It’s been an extremely stressful month financially and at one point I’m pretty sure I hit my breaking point.

I should have broke something to feel better, damn.

Mostly, I’m working my ass off and getting out of muddy, thick ass water. No. More like sludge. Isn’t this thing called life funny? And when I say funny, I mean: utterly exhausting and depressing at times. Now, I can never say I’ve been clinically depressed – so you don’t need to worry about me in that way – but I’ve had my bouts with feeling sorry for myself here and there.

Yesterday was my day. It started when I was strong enough to check my checking account (downhill from there). I’m pretty sure the bank is enjoying their overdraft fees and return check fees they have been collecting from me! Then, systems were not working at work and text from friends come through about awesome things going on in their lives and I just wanted to lose it! PS… I love my friends and all their awesome things, but at the moment it felt very crippling.

Meanwhile, 800 numbers are calling me like lost EX boyfriends that have finally found their way! I considered answering them and using my communication skills to get the caller to pay my monthly bill. Nah, no time for that.

Anyway, you’re getting the gist of the financial stress. BUT, in good faith and measure, I NOW have a plan of attack. Sort of. I have a small little business plan that will give me money up front and help immediately. It came about so fast that I’m not even sure I prayed long enough for it to happen! But, here we go- I’ll enjoy the ride. I’ll post all about this little business venture in my next post over the weekend. For now, just know I have a financial plan to help my family.

Because if I get another freaking call, “Hello, this is Chase calling to discuss your bill.” I’ll scream! Or, “this is ATT calling to discuss your payment on your wireless bill.” Grrrrrr. Sadly, these recordings are memorized and very much avoided!

I never meant to be a shitty-ass borrower, but here I am.

Now, on the up and up. I’m healthy, smart and beautiful and have so much to offer this world!

How did I turn it around and not bring my shitty attitude home to my husband and child? That’s the important question.

I had a meeting with an executive at my company and she and I drive the same passions, advocacy and forward thinking. We talked and talked about change and community improvement. We deeply connected and planned a 2015 travel “mission” together. ME! The EXECUTIVE! TRAVEL! TOGETHER! Well, there was one slight agreement… She wants to co-parent Zaccai. I said……… deal! 😉

Seriously, I was energized. I came home with the best happy-go-lucky attitude and enjoyed my family.

What a day! It went from terrible to the best- because of one conversation. Seriously, people, be the change you want to see in the world.





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