My Prison: thank you student loans

Family, Parenting, Student loan debt

Before you sign that e-line. Damn, they make it so easy, consider this:

You’re throwing away years of your life for 4 to 6 years of education to get a mediocre job you won’t even like.

Yep. That about sums it up.

Well, now, I know what you’re thinking… you {meaning me/myself/I} didn’t have to go to school and hell you didn’t have to get a master’s degree.

But, I’m going to clarify why I did “have” to and what I “thought” I’d accomplish.

I’m the first one in my family to go to college and graduate. So, I guess you could say I upped the ante. I figured, just in case someone got crazy and tried to graduate with a degree… I’d get my master’s. Silly. Really, I wanted a master’s to show I could do it. I could be successful. Oh, if I only knew.

What does success even mean?

I assume many equate it to $$ dollar, dollar bills. Yes & no. I mean, I need them (dollars) but they don’t define my success. Unfortunately, in a society that believes bigger is better – I am swimming upstream, alone.

So, back to those student loans. I’d like to take a minute to thank the people that inspired me to further my education – the rich.

You see, I thought the rich were showering themselves with degree(s). Silly me. Especially, since I grew up poor and my parents lacked college educations. I figured I understood the connection. No degree = financial struggle.

These days: too many degrees = financial struggle.

I believed the lies I was told. If you go to college you’ll make a million more than those who didn’t. Lame. You’ll be more successful. You’ll change the world. Bulls&it.

All my “degrees” have awarded me is a 20 year sentence to prison. I can’t spend too much at the grocery store for fear that I’ll overdraft my delicate checking account. I can’t think about new clothes or shoes without the reminder of my piles of debt. I am allowed to drive to work, work, drive to another work, work, and then go home and work. There are way too many “work(s)” in that sentence!


College eduction may be a waste of time for you if your parents didn’t set aside a college fund. Or, if you weren’t guided to apply for grants/scholarships… Or, if you weren’t smart enough to work-then college-then work. You see?

So, I anted up and lost. I’ll be in prison with no chance of parol for the next 20 (plus) years. My chariot awaits.

I read this story once and want to share it with you… I wish I would have read it before the notion of our “America Dream” was imbedded in my head.

Mexican Fisherman

Sigh, if only I could fish.




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