103,101 reasons why your toddler is…

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Totally irreversibly insane!

He gets it from his mama. #sadbuttrue

Okay, I wrote that title days ago and here I am finishing what I started. Do you ever get so distracted with life that you don’t finish the things that bring you joy? For example, if you’re working 9-5 (PS WHO works those hours anymore? More like 7-6) you probably have unfinished projects all over your house or even car. You’ve probably said, “I’ll get to that this weekend or when the kids are on summer vacation.” Isn’t it time to take a stand for all of our unfinished pro…. – as I was writing that last sentence Zaccai woke up from his nap and here I am hours and hours later picking up from where I left off.

How am I supposed to be an awesome blogger with 2 jobs, 1 baby cub, 1 man cub, a house, laundry, grocery shopping, friends, student emails, 15 employees…. ???Blah, blah, blah!

Let’s try to get back…. Where did I leave off? Oh, yes. Start & finish your projects! Why did you start them in the first place? Do they bring you joy? If so, what are you waiting for!? Just do it.

Now, reasons why my toddler is totally insane:

He cries because, well, I’m not sure why- life is too difficult for a 2 year old?

He woke up the other night around 1AM and was so pissed at me (maybe from a dream?) and he decided to yell, scream and cry for over an hour. Then, in an instant he decided he wanted to play with his toys. So, for a few more hours he played and played. What the!!?!!!!


Then, after my tired, burning, red eyes healed from a night of total exhaustion my mind changed.


He’s not totally insane, he’s 2 & welcome to motherhood. What’s so annoying is seeing these model like mommas with their perfect houses and perfect husbands. No offense if you are one of those moms (I hear they don’t exist anyway) but “you” mommas make us feel like mom-failures. And my two-year-old-crazy-bat-shit-kid is moderately mediocre in comparison to your beige wearing, flower picking angel.

So, here’s to all the bat-shit-crazy-two-year olds and their crazy-ass-imperfect-mommas!

I spent the afternoon with my sweet momma friend. She quoted a quote that we have all quoted, (read that 5 times fast!)

life is too short

And, she’s right. As we begin to end the year I’m focusing on being thankful for all I have and not dwelling on what I don’t.

I’m thankful to have this blog and people that care enough to read and watch my life unravel & ravel!


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