Grinchy Holi*days & New Years Blessings!

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I took a vacation from job #1, job #2 (winter break), & job #3 – which means my blog.

I’m excited to recap on our last few weeks & give you some tips of traveling with a spunky toddler!

End of the year{s} are bitter sweet, aren’t they? A time to reflect and be thankful. That’s one of my favorite parts of the season. Oh yea, and the smell of cinnamon. I know, nutty right? I love associating smells to the time of year.

I had a quirky-fun post about how I’m a true grinch and hate the holidays… And SOMEHOW it DISAPPEARED! I was so mad! So, instead of rewriting it, I took a few days to feel sorry for my blogger self and then I moved on. I figured lists of why American consumerism/need for instant gratification and how this is ruining our holiday can be found on another blog. So, it’s gone and here I am writing something much different days after Christmas.

We live in beautiful Phoenix, AZ but spend our Christmas holiday in Jackson, Mississippi. Bye-bye 70 degree Christmas. To top off the travel, we fly STAND-BY. EKKK! Those of you that buy regular tickets, how do you do it? It’s so unaffordable – for us.

This trip was lucky. My husband left a few days before us & traveled smoothly and made all connections. Z and I left a few days later and we too made all the connections! Win-win. Now, traveling with a 2 year old isn’t ideal- on ANY level. However, I was thankful we didn’t have to sit in an airport for hours and hours waiting for flight after flight. I checked my luggage and brought the necessities! I always travel with my Bugaboo Donkey Mono. I’m not exaggerating when I say it saves my traveling life! Amazing stroller for the win. See that side cart? Yea, be jealous! I always get, “oh, my goodness, that stroller!” Other moms are looking at me like, “I hate you and that awesome stroller.” Envy, a cruel thing. It’s worth EVERY penny! I’d buy it again in a heart beat. Take that recalled finger splitting Graco.

Recipe for traveling with a happy toddler:

1 iPad – with Frozen, Let it Go!

1 “nacks” – don’t correct your toddler that can’t say (s)nacks.

1 empty sippy cup – you’re welcome TSA.

1 diaper bag with baby stuff and pain meds, for you. Can you say back cramp?

1 red eye flight – Z slept most of the time! Yes!

Oh, and check yo bags, b&tches! You don’t need that shit. Check them!





Ahh! Look at the photo where Z is just a wee-bitty thing in the stroller! Melt.

Darn boy is getting SO big! They do grow up. I need a time capsule.

Here we are, Mississippi, surrounded by all Marvell’s friends and family and it couldn’t be more perfect. No drama, just family that loves each other. No annoying questions or judgement about life or decisions, just pure quality time. Isn’t that strange? It is to me! I mean, I haven’t even seen some of my family members and they are sending me cruel messages with a nice, “F&&k you!” Seriously, got that one a few days after Christmas. Tis the season. That’s my family. Go figure.



Since I’m a self-proclaimed Grinch I didn’t buy anything for Christmas. I figured I didn’t want to travel with it & Z would get plenty. And, of course he did. I also didn’t mention “Santa” or anything that would refer to the jolly ol dude. So, to my surprise, Z saw the big guy, pointed and said, “Santa!” O.M.G. I’m ending my grinchy-hood now. It was the cutest thing!

My hubby grew up on a farm so Z is loving being a temporary farm-boy. The life, right? Look at these beauties!


Someone pointed out that one of these bad girls was pregnant, hehe, I had no idea. I figured it was just a little chunky. Kind of like me after the holiday. just a little chunky

Speaking of chunky, these could be one of the reasons! Amazing sugar cookies! Sugar Cookie Recipe. I followed her icing recipe, too. I added food coloring to separate bowls to get creative! I also sent my husband to the store to get cookie cut outs. He came back with a plane, train and car… Merry Christmas! 😂.





Well, my vacation ended yesterday & I should be in sunny AZ. But, standby wasn’t as good to us and all the flights are booked until Tuesday. TUESDAY! I couldn’t make it to work today and tomorrow. I pray I’m back for work on Wednesday! I figured it was God’s greater plan to keep us here longer, maybe???

I hope you had an amazing Holiday. Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and everything in between!!!

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