12 perfect examples of my kid terrorizing my life

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My kid hasn’t quite hit the terrible twos that everyone has warned me about. Really, the little shit has his moments; but, all-in-all, I just enjoy his company. He laughs those deep belly laughs that make you stop in your tracks. He says things like, “momma, giraffes eat leaves!” Or “momma, bug!” Or, my absolute favorite, “momma, I’m tired…” and the proceeds to do all things to avoid taking a nap. 

  1. He refuses to sleep! I mean, the sweetest part of my day is/WAS sleeping and this kid hates it. Sigh.
  2. He is still nursing. Okay, okay. Before you jump down my throat (no matter what paradigm you fall under) I’m *almost* done with it. He’s far from done. I can tell, I’m the momma. Sigh.
  3. If his toys are messy, he freaks out. Unless, that is, he has made the big disaster of a mess, then I guess it’s our problem. 
  4. He screams when I leave for work. 
  5. A moment later he says, “bye-bye momma, laters.”
  6. The days I take him to day care he practically jumps out of my arms into his day care mommas arms. “Laters.”
  7. He loathes car rides and makes sure I pay. Big time. 
  8. He pinches my fat and runs away. Laughing. 
  9. He licks my face and then growls at me. 
  10. He recently started calling me “ab-mer” cryyyyyyyyy. It’s momma buddy. 
  11. He hates my cooking. Loves peppers and carrots. Not my cooking. Sigh. 
  12. He pushes me to the point of exhaustion. I’m not sure if I function properly most days. But, then he smiles, screams momma and it’s all good.

So, terrible two huh? Mostly terrific two and moments of terrible-ness. But man, are those moments frightening! Push you to the point of insanity and then drop you off in an unfamiliar place. As if you have an out of body experience and then hit your head and wake up being you again, just bruised. Stronger but bruised. Maybe that’s the point. Egos are bruised in order to learn and understand we are all in this together, learning and growing together. 

What a sweet growing experience, huh? 

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