Dear Perfectionist Blog Self


Dear Amber, 

Your perfectionist and busy self-pitty self is really putting a damper on getting my word out! You have focused on all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. 

Remember, remember why you started this blog? Me? Do you even know me anymore? 

I’m My Birth Write. You loved the creative name you came up with. So much so, you inspired others to share their birth moments with you. You’ve discussed important topics such as: c-sections, self-love, self-esteem, husbands turning into fathers, wives turning into mothers, money (or lack there of), success, triumphs, fears and real life. 

All of this, though, is not enough for you. You stopped. Just stopped! Why?

You’re not perfect. You will misspell words and life. You will have grammatical errors and episodes. You will breathe and make mistakes. You. Are. You. 

Be you. 


I stopped because I had too much to say. I wasn’t sure how to proceed. 

I still don’t know how. 

What if? People don’t like me? People don’t receive my thoughts well? People think I’m a bad mom/wife/person? 


What if? People love me. 

I’m an extrovert. My husband calls me an extra-extrovert. I’m too much sometimes… Maybe all the time. I learn best from making mistakes and trying all over again. But, nothing makes sense to me without people. Togetherness. I need people in my life to thrive. I know this. 

I stand on soapboxes and maybe too many of them. 

  • Women’s rights
  • LGBT rights 
  • Rights for people of color
  • Opportunity for a better life, migration/immigration 
  • Real-ness of parenting 

All these, they’re me. I am them. I cannot separate myself from them. I thrive in equality and equal representation. Where does that leave me? 

I’m not sure. I’m okay with that. Or, I should say, I have to be okay with that… It’s the only way to move forward. 

I want to say I’ll commit to blogging more often, but that gives me anxiety of over promising and under delivering. So, I’m committing to stay true to myself and blog and share my life- when I can. 

Being a wife-mom-career woman-writer is life changing. Life is challenging. I want to be perfect at all these things but I fall short, daily. However, I’m the little engine that could and I pick myself up and try, try, again. 

Here are some moments you’ve missed: traveling, smiling and book signing. 




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