How to let go and let….


Your husband tear up your backyard. 

Wait, what??? Yea, you heard me. We are having plumbing issues… LIKE MASSIVE ISSUES. I didn’t win the powerball on Saturday and we are no richer than the guy asking for money on the side of the road, ahem, so after a 20k quote and a 10k quote, my husband said, “I CAN DO IT!” 

So, I introduce, Tim the tool man Taylor… Otherwise known as Marvell. The man who can fix anything… Yet starts by knowing very little. THANK YOU & all the powers to be – let’s hope he can really do this. 

Exhibit A

You can’t see it… But with ultraviolet radiation glasses, underneath the layers and layers of concrete: there are VERY OLD, SAD, CRACKED (out) PIPES WAITNG TO SAY “hello” … That’s in my best Adele voice. 

Hello” “it’s me again” “your pipes are gonna cost you more than you have left,” “hello” “are you sorry, you bought an old home you thought that you could afford, heellloooo”


 You know what’s really, really funny? We didn’t even OWN these supplies before our plumbing extravaganza. Who are we? 

Exhibit B-Z

Obviously we’re NEW. Born yesterday. 


PS: I HATED THIS PLANTER BOX ANYWAY! I tried to plant two things: both dead. DEAD. how annoying. 


Why did this picture flip? I don’t know. Maybe it’s telling me something special is waiting for us RIGHT THERE. 

So, here we are…. ARE YOU READY FOR IT? 

We rented a saw from Home Depot…  
He cut some shit up.

We rented a jack hammer from Home Depot.

He busted my whole backyard up. 

And now we wait. He has a blister and a body cramp. 

He said, “I almost died!” You don’t even know. That’s right! I don’t know… BUT WHAT I DO KNOW IS THAT MY HOUSE HAS WHITE TRAILS OF CONRETE EVERYWHERE.

  • The couch
  • The floors
  • The coffee table
  • The rug
  • The kitchen
  • The counters 

Sigh. That’s all I got. A hard working husband and a backyard that’s in disarray. Let’s cross fingers we — he– can get this concrete up, dug and replace these pipes. Oh, and bring my backyard back to a normal looking backyard. 

Send prayers, margaritas, burritos and best wishes. 


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