I am a lover of people, especially marginalized individuals with no voice. I often speak up for people of color, women, displaced individuals, underrepresented populations and the forgotten. I love my artist husband, beautiful child Zaccai, and our quiet little life we have created.

I struggle with finances and often blog about the reality of marrying an artist. Their minds think so differently. I put all my energy into making our family functional and happy.

We have a small business that we are FINALLY going to put online: website, Instragram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google +. It is a children’s line of clothes… geared towards boys – there are so many girl options out there – we need to speak up for those cutie boys out there! Of course, we will have girl options but we wanna give them boys some lovin too! Once we are live, I will blog about it.

Thank you for reading my posts and following my life – I am excited to see it unfold or unravel, depending on how you look at it.


A beautiful, mess. A mess none-the-less.

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