Momma! Momma! Maaaaaama!

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Sound familiar?

It now does to me!
Little Mr. Z now calls me by name. Momma.

The sweetest little voice calls me momma!


It’s been a fun & busy past couple of weeks. One of my friends is getting married! And we celebrated her upcoming nuptials in Rocky Point, Mexico. I was fortunate enough to be able to go. The funny thing was, I missed my guys. Well, it’s not “funny” as much as it’s ironic. There are times when I wish I was alone on a beach with no worry in the world – but, then, the moment passes and all I want is my cute little family.


We definitely do not take enough pictures as a family… This should be a bucket list requirement: more family photos.

I’ve seen many people doing their “bucket list” to-dos. 30 before 30… 40 before 40. I’d like to do that but I’m not sure I need more pressure on me! And… 30 is-a-knockin’ 😳

All I can say is that it’s been a long few weeks, I’m tired, my husband is tired and we are just taking it day-by-day.

Have you ever just felt, mehhhhh?

I’m in that wonderland right now. Somewhere between a liquid diet and a chocolate cake.



Flight kindness

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Well, Zaccai and I are off to Philadelphia so I can work for the week. I have a wonderful mom who took time off work to stay with me so I could bring Mr. Z.

On our flight an older man was so kind and gave me a bag of M&MS. He said, “you might enjoy this.” Now, I normally do not give Z M&MS but I couldn’t turn down the kind gesture. Z slept most of the flight but when he woke up and saw those M&MS that’s all he wanted. Of course. He’s never even seen a bag but somehow he knew what it was. Well, one pellet after another he was a happy little boy. The things we say as parents that we would never do. Shaking my head at my old self.

Z owned his seat. Silly boy.


We’re now in New Jersey for the weekend; I’m staying with my best friend and her fiancΓ©e. I tacked on a weekend trip to stay with my bestie! Don’t you love best friends? We can look at each other and just know what the other is thinking. We share our love of people watching, eating, occasional exercise (even though we both know we need more exercise and less food) and our love of talking about inappropriate subjects. I have a few best friends and each one holds a special place in my heart. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

The fun thing about this special girl is her name is Amber (just like mine), her dad’s name is Ernie (just like mine), we both lost weight on Weight Watchers and are lifetime members.





It’s been nice to reconnect and spend quality time with my boy. I miss my husband and can’t wait to see him. He’s been home working, cleaning and replacing the battery in my car. Don’t you just love husbands that fix things? Mine is a master of fixing. Sometimes it annoys me because he wants to “fix it” when “it” might not need any fixing… Just maybe some listening. But, in this case, I’m oh so grateful for the fixing.

It’s been a fun weekend but for some reason I love structure, work and reality. And, well, I’m ready to get back to it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your week! I’ll be posting soon about my learning experiences as a mom and traveling! A few tips for you.

Kisses to all.


Blowin’ off STEAM

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Welcome back to reality.

Did you enjoy your vacation? Good, because, it’s over.

Reality check.

I actually like the routine of life but getting back into the routine is hard!

As soon as we got home my husband’s brakes went out on his truck. Someone up above thinks we’re racking in the dough. So, that was a nice reality check.

Work has also been difficult lately. I’m learning, growing and stretching myself in ways that are uncomfortable. Feedback. Critical feedback is hard to swallow. However, I will say that it’s important. Perception is reality in business relationships and I want to be perceived in the best professional light. So, I’m willing to take the uncomfortable feedback and mold/develop myself. Ouch. Internal scrapes and bruises are more painful than external ones.

But. When I get home, I’m their everything. All this boy wants or needs How amazing is that? I don’t deserve it but I need it.


After Zaccai was born, Marvell and I struggled to see eye to eye. I hope we’re not the only couple that goes through this. We continually said…
“This is why people need to be married to have kids. It would be really easy to leave right now- run away and dispose of the problems.”

We continue to face our problems and disagreements. But, I remember the day we got married and the look on his face as he said those vows. I was his and he was mine. Our first dance. Our first steps into the world as a couple. If you’re struggling as a couple – live there for a moment.




Marvell drew this on our first anniversary. Custom says “paper.” This was my gift.

In Puerto Rico I danced my heart out! Marvell isn’t much of a dancer but the song Just the way you are came on and we danced as if was our first dance, tears and all.

Those small moments, those moments of connection are what I live for. They are not daily. Life isn’t a fairy tale. If we can begin to set realistic expectations in our marriage, the way we do at work- maybe we would succeed a little more. It’s a daily chore. It’s work. It’s reality. But don’t forget to take a moment to stop, smell, breathe, live. We’re so busy that we may rush over those moments or take them for granted- then what? They’re gone. Don’t lose them.

Now that reality is settling in…I had an egg white, spinach, tomato thin bagel sandwich. I wanted piles of pancakes and syrup. Sacrifice.


Puerto Rican Vacation!

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Well, we survived our Puerto Rican Vacation. Our travel was nuts. We fly standby (my mom is a flight attendant) and I traveled with Z to LA the weekend before our big trip. So, needless to say we became very familiar with the airports!

Zaccai is actually a great flyer. So, I don’t really worry that he’ll get upset during the flight. He was so cute through it all!


My flight adventures…


Drop Zaccai off with my mom’s partner (my step-mom-not legally)

ATL —> SJU —> drive to Rincon.

San Juan, Old San Juan

Remember, friends, I’m broke. But, we cut corners to make this work.

Night 1. Hostel. Posado San Fransisco



The view.
The coffee.
The husband.
Oh, the husband.


We fell in love again in Puerto Rico.

We are so lucky.

Puerto Rico is rich in culture, but very poor. Wow. Writing that made me realize that’s me. Rich in culture, thought, love… Poor in our societies sense of “rich.” What an epiphany.

What would you rather have? We struggle. We have little savings and are launching this business that we believe in.

During our stay in Old San Juan we spent an hour or so at a little poetry coffee shop. We talked business. Dreams. Future. Financial freedom.

We designed a t-shirt that we both loved.

We went to Puerto Rico for a wedding. So after a few days in Old San Juan we drove to Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Again, being cheap, we stayed in a hostel the first night in Rincon: The Rincon Inn. All I can say is:


I flipped out! It was too late to complain or ask for another room. Marvell was so tired he fell asleep with our new roommates. Mr. & Miss Bugs/Spiders/creep Crawlers! I…..