Motherhood, you’re disgustingΒ 

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That’s what we’re told anyway. 


Really? NO?

Okay. Thanks but no thanks. 

For what? Your simple little opinion of motherhood. The naysayers. The others. The non-mothers. The righteous mothers. Or, just the righteous. 

You know who I’m talking about. The ones who make THIS a story. 

All day every day

Moms everywhere are forced to explain themselves or justify their actions. Like it everyone’s business how long we nurse, diaper, co-sleep, when we potty train, when we take away the paci, when we.. Blah, blah, blah. 
Look you assholes, it’s our business. 

Now, if we let you into our world, don’t be an asshole. If you must, practice this old saying: “treat others as you wish to be treated”. Or, take it one step further, “treat others as they wish to be treated”.

As a mom, I’ve done things I NEVER thought I would.

  1. Nursed and peed. Numerous times… What else would I do? Kid is hungry and I pee occasionally, ever try to hold that in? 
  2. Allowed my child to vomit on me, I’d rather clean myself than mop a floor. I wasn’t sure of my other options in the moment. 
  3. Cleaned poop out of the tub, twice. 
  4. Slept in pee. It’s like water, right? I just moved right on over… It was really a win-win. 
  5. Eaten kid left overs. Why? I have no idea- waste of calories on food that isn’t even luke warm. Stupid.
  6. Nursed in public, with no cover. Judge me. 
  7. Give up myself, daily. 
  8. Work endlessly. 
  9. Worry often.
  10. Love, amazingly. Or, to “you” maybe disgustingly. 

That’s right. I’ve done all these things and more. “You’ve” (they’ve) tweeted/facebooked/IG comments of disgust over half of these things. But, guess what: it’s REAL. REAL F-ING MOTHERHOOD. It’s what amazing moms are willing to do, everyday. 

So, step off your douche-bag soap box. We’re not going away. Those real social media photos, they’re not stopping either. Be thankful we’re here raising the next set of hopefully non-douche bag children. 

This weekend was full of disgusting moments. Puke, poop, fever, cleaning and repeat. 

We have a few sweet moments, though. 

Sunshine Breakfast.    
My first cotton candy. [not pictured: the other cotton candy, he wanted both colors]



Finally, after blood, sweat and tears of a sicky weekend Z wanted to watch a movie in the Jeep. So we sat – in the drive way- in the Jeep- with the iPad. So what?


Friends: pray for a clean slate and no more puke. 

Until next time, nurse your kid on the potty. ✌🏽️

Women, babies and travel



I figured I’d sneak in a quick NIP photo while flying…..

I see so many reports about women nursing in public- not much to see here…. But I still get nervous that someone might say something to me. I like to fly with my son. He’s relatively easy to fly with! We have gone to PA for work, Mississippi for family visits, and New Jersey to see my best friend. It really is an easy adventure with him!

However, what’s nerve wracking is NIP and the thought that someone might say something to you- even though I know I have rights and can NIP when needed.

Since I had an unplanned CS I really wanted to make sure and stick to my other plans of natural attachment parenting. I’m so thankful I’ve been able to breast feed and hope to continue as long as my little guy needs. We are going on 15 months! I remember how frustrating it was at first! He didn’t want to latch and people saying he was a small baby (making me think I should supplement). But, gladly, I went with my gut and my heart; to this day he has not had a drop of formula and that makes me happy. I do realize so moms need to supplement (in no way am I criticizing you or suggesting your child is worse off) I’m just glad I was able to stick to my plan!

It’s been a long-long travel day! We flew home from Jackson MS and I’m tired! My son is nursing now and hubby is snoring….. How is it that moms still work even when were not working? I need a vaca away from my vaca!

So happy to write to you all….. All meaning the 1 person that reads this πŸ˜‚ I can’t even bring myself to share my blog just yet… It doesn’t seem “professional” or “concise” enough.
I’m happy I’m getting thoughts on paper! (Or blog space!)